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Teach you how to distinguish the quality of office desks and chairs

Apr. 12, 2023

1. Comfort

Comfort is the most important criterion for a good office desk and chair.If the cushion and backrest of the chair are uncomfortable, sitting for a long time will definitely cause physical fatigue and discomfort. In addition, pay attention to whether the height of the chair is suitable for your height, and you also need to check whether the angle of the chair and the table is correct.

2. Quality

The quality of office desks and chairs is also an important consideration. Choose sturdy, durable and stable chairs and tables to ensure that they can support your body weight and provide a stable working environment. Pay attention to whether the components are firm and the structure is tight. And check whether there are abnormal gaps or loosening between each assembly, especially desks with side cabinets, multi-person workstations or multi-person partition workspace, file cabinets and display racks. Pay special attention.

Teach you how to distinguish the quality of office desks and chairs643658e52f849.jpg

Teach you how to distinguish the quality of office desks and chairs

3. Material

The material of office desks and chairs is also an important consideration.High-quality chairs and tables usually use high-quality materials, such as leather, fabric, metal, etc.Of course, these materials will also affect the price of chairs and tables.Therefore, if the budget allows, you can choose higher-quality products.However, it should be noted that the substrate is mixed and assembled.Since wood-based panel furniture is mostly used for veneer decoration on the outside of the substrate, although the appearance of all parts of the furniture cabinet is the same, some of the substrates in the furniture may be mixed with good or bad.For example, the front and door of some furniture cabinets use melamine panels that meet environmental protection and quality requirements, while the back panels of the cabinets use large-core panels that release more formaldehyde.When buying, you must check the entire furniture by yourself to see if it is the same material, and you can't just look at the appearance.

4. Adjust-ability


An excellent office chair should be able to carry out a number of adjust-ability, such as height, tilt angle, etc., to adapt to different heights and work needs. The table should also be adjustable to adapt to different work scenes and poses.

5. Product production process


The production process cuts corners. Since panel furniture uses synthetic boards, all boards are made of adhesive bonding, which is very sensitive to water, so its waterproof performance must be guaranteed by the veneer and edge banding treatment of the board. In order to save costs, some manufacturers do not use edge banding treatment at the junction of the internal panels and the panels of the furniture. Once the furniture encounters water or is in a humid environment for a long time, it will induce the risk of the panels breaking or cracking. At the same time, the formaldehyde in the material cannot be fully blocked, which causes the furniture to smell of formaldehyde is very heavy.

Finally, I tell all the bosses, buy furniture must be selected to have the strength of the furniture factory to cooperate or buy his products. The company is trustworthy and has after-sales guarantee, China Guangzhou Xusheng Furniture Co. Ltd. is such a strong and secure company. Mainly doing office furniture custom wholesale and engineering projects supporting the receipt of orders, by the domestic and foreign buyers praise and love. I would like to remind you that when purchasing office furniture, you must carefully observe the quality of the office furniture carefully. The right office desk and chair is very important to work efficiency and health. Choosing a suitable office desk and chair requires consideration of several aspects such as comfort, quality, materials and adjust-ability. We hope that the above few key points will help you to correctly select the right desk and chair for you.