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How to accept office furniture

Feb. 07, 2023

Acceptance of custom office furniture is roughly divided into three steps are: before installation, during installation, after installation.


Before installation.


The first is to check the outer packaging of the product to see if the packaging is broken. If the packaging is broken place will have to look inside the product in the broken bit whether the same breakage or other problems.

How to accept office furniture?

The second thing you need to do is to inspect the panels and hardware to see if the hardware matches what is on the installation drawings. The colour code of the panels can be compared by looking at the label on the packaging or by taking out the small sample set aside when choosing the colour code to see if there are any colour differences. For the type of panel, look at the cross-section of the panel at the opening and see if it corresponds to the panel you have ordered.


Thirdly, you need to check whether the thickness of the panels is the same as the contract, and whether the panels are flat especially for office filing cabinets or display cabinets.


Fourth to see whether the edge of the plate is flat, special attention needs to be paid to the oblique cut or curvature of the place, it is not acceptable to change into the common edge out of the seal.

 How to accept office furniture?

When installing.


Firstly do not bump the panels when handling them especially some special quality panels, bumping them seriously may lead to the panels not being used properly.


Secondly, measure the size and weight of the product according to the data on the drawing to see if there is any deviation.


Thirdly, remember to put a patch of the same colour as the panel after installing the screws in the ore-drilled holes.

 How to accept office furniture?

After installation.


Firstly, see if the overall effect is not harmonious, check from top to bottom and left to right for any deformities. In particular, filing cabinets and office desks with cabinets need to check whether the gaps in the cabinet doors are uniform and consistent, side to side to see whether each cabinet door is in the same plane.


Secondly, see if the stability of the desk is good, as well as the weight-bearing capacity of the desktop.


Third, there is no missing hardware, such as "hinges" and so on, each cabinet door to open an open, close a close, see whether the hardware push and pull smooth.


The general acceptance process of custom office furniture is this, the specific acceptance also has to be based on different products with different refined acceptance criteria.