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Can manufacturers design their own products

Jan. 06, 2023

With the development of today's era, our lives have also undergone some changes.For example, office decoration is also different from the previous style. Different jobs will have different office environment needs, and different people will have different style preferences.As a source manufacturer specializing in the production of office furniture, it has a good service concept and truly considers customers.Therefore, the design of office furniture is particularly important and appropriate, so that we can customize and produce the products that buyers want according to the actual needs of buyers.

Do office furniture manufacturers design their own products?cid=4

Xusheng Furniture Co., Ltd. has its own professional design and development team, not only independently develops and produces furniture products, but also can better provide professional customized services for buyers in need.

Do office furniture manufacturers design their own products?cid=4

Let's talk about designing products next

Product style: The styles we can design are modern style, creative diversity, Italian style, American style, Middle Eastern style, French style, etc., and can also be designed according to the product pictures provided by the buyer.

Do office furniture manufacturers design their own products?cid=4

Product size: The size has the conventional size customized by our factory on a daily basis. The daily product size of different products is also different. It can also be designed according to the product size that the buyer wants.

Product functions: Especially the functions of the product, we can carefully design and arrange according to the preferences and habits of buyers.For example“ ”I want to add a drawer-type keyboard position on the desk, I want to put some folders in the drawer of the movable cabinet, There is a computer host or printer under the computer desk" and other product functional designs.

Not only the color, form, function, accessories, buyer-customized logo, etc. of the product itself can be designed in the product, but also the product packaging can be designed for the buyer.Let buyers achieve exclusive custom design and production whether it is sales or upgrading their own office space.

Interested friends are welcome to leave a message for consultation, specializing in sales customization and engineering projects, the more customization, the more discounts!